Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Snow shoeing in Moerenuma Park

We had read about Moerenuma Park, a sculpture park just outside Sapporo, so decided to head out there on the bus and check it out. The ground was thick with snow and it seemed to take a long time to get there on the bus, as well as a long walk at the other end, but it was well worth it as we got to try out snow shoeing!

We were greeted by this rather awesome glass pyramid, which looked quite dramatic standing in the snow. It housed a gallery and performance space.

The inside was beautiful, with cathedral-like acoustics and views over the snow.

We rented our snow shoes from a woman at a little desk inside the pyramid and after repressing our fits of giggles, shuffled off into the snow.

It was quite amazing being able to walk on top of what was probably about four feet of snow. The surrounding forest was magical and led us to random sculptures around the park.

I love this shot of Neil being action man, charging off through the forest - a man on a mission.

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