Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Setting up - Sapporo

Last weekend we headed off for a fab weekend in Sapporo. Every year, at the beginning of February, the whole town comes alive with massive snow and ice sculptures that line the streets of Sapporo. It was started many years ago by a group of school children, and has now become a massive festival where the sculptures are enormous and the size of buildings.
The festival lasts for a week and we decided to go for the first weekend, where we would also get to see the sculptures being set up.

The "smaller" sculptures start off as big blocks of snow. We were intrigued to know how the blocks got there in the first place....

The design of each sculpture is first mapped out on the snow block using a spray paint as their drawing tool. This was the exhibit of Malaysia.

An implement consisting of a length of barbed wire with a wooden handle at each end is used like a cheese slice to shave pieces of snow off the block.

The finishing touches were being done to this one.

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