Friday, 25 November 2011

A quick observation

We have always been amazed at how safe it is here in Tokyo. People leave their bikes unchained, knowing that they won't be swiped and if you go to a restaurant or bar, you can leave your bag freely to your side, knowing no-one will run off with it. You can even leave it there when your trot off to the loo if you want! This also means that Japanese people are very trusting.

The other day I was in Shibuya and decided to have lunch at a coffee shop. I had ordered my lunch and my big, juicy sandwich had just arrived when I realised with horror that I have forgotten my purse. I was mortified and very embarrassedly tried to explain in my caveman Japanese, what had happened. The waiter was very sweet and said, "No worries, just leave your phone number and come back later with the money". I was about to jump up and run home to get it and he said, "No, stay and eat. You can get the money later"! I was amazed at his trust in me. Needless to say, I ate the sandwich in record speed and raced home and back again in more record speed, and they calmly took my money as if nothing had happened.....

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