Thursday, 24 November 2011

A new addition to Daikanyama

We live in an area of Tokyo called Daikanyama and consider ourselves very lucky to live there. We have a wonderful selection of shops and cafes to choose from and have the rather smart area of Daikanyama to choose from, as well as the more neighbourhood area of Naka Meguro down the hill, with the canal running though it.

Daikanyama consists of a big development called Hillside terrace, which was critically acclaimed when it was built. For a long time, a piece of land has sat empty next to it, waiting for something to be built. I wrote about this piece of land last year as there was a sunflower "field" planted on it, which you can see here and there is a picture of the sunflowers below. We were dreading a monstrosity landing there in the form of heavy concrete and faceless glass, but they have actually done a nice job and the complex, which is almost finished, has a really nice feel to it. I love the wall formations, and they have landscaped the surroundings really nicely. We look forward to the "Grand Opening", which is imminent.




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