Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Karaoke, Blossom and Bagpipes!

On saturday evening we went on a fab boat trip up the Sumida river, organised by the St Andrew's Society. It was a jolly time bobbing along, drinking whiskey and ginger ale whilst scoffing scrumptiously fresh sushi and crispy tempura. We moored up near Asakusa where the blossom was stunning and the backdrop was the awesome Sky Tree - a new tower to rival Tokyo Tower, quite stunning, but not somewhere I'd necessarily want to be during an earthquake......

Anyway, we were serenaded by a Japanese bagpipe player, and then headed back to port singing karaoke at the tops of our voices. I sang my fave - Mamma Mia. We must have been quite a sight charging up the river - there were a few kilt-wearers too!
All the boats were long and low in the water and decorated with these lovely orange lanterns.
The fresh sashimi was brought to us in a little wooden boat and was washed down with whiskey and ginger ale, my favourite new tipple....
The bagpiper had to kneel down so that his pipes didn't hit the roof of the boat.
It was obviously a popular night to be cruising up the river and I loved the lights from all the boats. Many of them pulled up next to us so that they could hear the dulcet tones of the bagpipes.
The Sky Tree looked quite eery as it disappeared into the low clouds.

The ladies belting out Mamma Mia.
Junko getting int the spirit of a Japanese song.

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