Tuesday, 7 September 2010


There is a lovely shop near where we live in Nakameguro called Green Scape that sells Kokedama. They have been know as the poor man's bonsai, but I think they are a totally different thing and, in a way, have more beauty than a bonsai. It basically consists of a ball of soil covered in moss, with a plant arrangement "growing" out of it. They are like living sculptures and each one is beautifully arranged. Because of the small size of the ball, the plant will typically remain small and the inside of the ball allows the roots to develop. I thought these were temporary pieces as I couldn't imagine the ball being enough sustainment, but it seems that they can last for quite a while and even if the outside moss goes brown, you can replace it with new moss and it rejuvenates. I'm still not sure about my ability to keep something so delicate alive though....

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