Tuesday, 21 September 2010


On sunday night we went to a baseball game. I am embarrassed to say that I lived in America for 12 years, only went to one baseball game the whole time I was there, and have no idea of the rules. Luckily Neil was clued up on that, so was able to explain what was going on. I'm still not completely sure what was happening, but had a fab time soaking up the atmosphere - mini cheerleaders, breakdancing mascots, cheering, singing crowds, beer girls selling beer from backpacks through a hose, flag-waving fans. The game was between the Yakult Swallows (a local team) and the Chunichi Dragons, from Nagoya. We had great seats with a fab view, but soon after we arrived there, we realised we were in the opposing team's seats - oh dear. It wasn't long into the game however, that the opposing team started doing very well, so then we were glad to be there and cheered along (and attempted to sing) with the rest of them. My only fear, was being hit in the face by a ball! There were several near misses when the ball came speeding towards us and hit the crowd somewhere behind. I didn't fancy heading back to England with a broken nose....

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