Friday, 7 May 2010

Nikko Temples

On sunday we went to Nikko for the night. It's been Golden Week here in Japan, a massive national holiday which actually forces people to stop working for a few days and enjoy themselves. Neil deserved a much needed break from the slog of work (he's been working late nights and weekends for weeks now) and we decided to spend most of our time relaxing in the city, but to take off to Nikko for one night.

Nikko is about 2 hours train journey out of Tokyo and a pleasant ride through paddy fields. It is famous for its temples and we were very impressed by the intricacy of them, even though we had to battle through the crowds to see them. After checking into our ryokan (Japanese guesthouse where you sleep on the floor on futons) we spent the afternoon trotting round the temples and taking them in. There was so much to see.

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