Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Another Book Club

I went to another book club last night, organised by one of the women I met at the TAC book club a few weeks ago. I've never had so much time to read and it feels good! There was a lovely bunch of people there and it was held in Nancy's apartment on the 38th floor of a huge tower block. As you can see, the view was stunning! After a glass of wine and some lovely food, we talked about what we had just read, " A Stroke of Insight" by Jill Bolte Taylor. It was something that I wouldn't have normally read - non fiction, true account of a neuroscientist who suffers a rare type of stroke. It was interesting how she was able to perceive her stroke from a scientific point of view and observe how it was slowly affecting her brain. The most interesting thing was how she had to completely retain her brain from scratch and was able to almost mould it more to how she wanted to feel - cutting out the negative thoughts and focusing on the positive ones.

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