Sunday, 2 June 2013

Printing at Futaba-en

A few months ago I wrote about a trip I did to a the Miyoshoji river where a lot of traditional kimono printing and dyeing still goes on. Once a year, the town celebrates this tradition by hanging kimonos across the river. While I was there, my friend Michiko found out about some printing classes that we could do at Futaba-en, and so we returned there last week to do a little sample class using paper stencils to print the dyes onto fabric.

The dyes were laid out for us and we had 6 colours to work with. The brush is made from deer hair.

The fabric is taped down to a board and then each stencil is placed over the fabric and pinned in place. Each colour had two paper stencils and the dye is brushed through the stencil using the deer hair brushes.

The finished result!

Beautiful coloured brushes and a colour test strip.

Shades of purple.

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