Monday, 25 February 2013

Marathon man!

Well, he did it! I'm so proud of him. His time was an astounding 4 hours 2 minutes and he was still standing at the end! A gang of four of us chased him around Tokyo with balloons, banner and Union Jack flag. We went from Shinjuku (the start) to Hibiya (10km and 20km markers), up to Ningyocho (for the 30km mark), and then down to the Odaiba to see him finish. We only just made it to each point with about 10 mins to spare before he passed us. We were all shattered by the end of it, so I can only imagine how poor Neil felt. He got home yesterday afternoon and had a hot bath and a beer, followed by a hearty lasagne.

 Gathering at the start line.

One of our mascots!

 Going strong!

Around the 30km mark - energy levels are definitely starting to drop at this point.

 Nearly there!

The finish line - Neil is on the right with his hands in the air.

The proud medal owner.

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