Sunday, 18 November 2012

Aida Makoto

Saturday was a pretty horrendous day weather-wise and it poured with rain solidly all day. I had arranged to meet up with my gallery group to go and see an Aida Makoto exhibition at the Mori Tower, a perfect thing to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

I had never heard of Aida Makoto before, but he is apparently one of the most noted contemporary artists in Japan today. It is not normally an exhibition I would gravitate towards as his pieces can be extreme, with the use of young girls and erotica as subjects of his work, many of them verging on the grotesque. He uses an interesting combination of political and historical issues, but uses traditional artworks and techniques to express himself. Even though many of the images were obscene, his technical ability, especially when depicting the human form and using traditional nihonga-style painting, were beautiful.

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