Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Summer Sonic 2012

On sunday we ventured out to the QVC Marine Field to the annual Summer Sonic festival. A music festival usually conjures up images of large fields and open spaces, but most of this is held in a conference centre where trade shows usually happen. We saw an amazing selection of bands, both old and new, and many different genres, as well as many bands I wouldn't normally see. We saw some new I hadn't heard of before (UK rock band Tribes,  and Canadian earthy band Walk off the Earth), we saw some oldies (The Cardigans, Garbage, Tears for Fears and New Order) who were all very good. We also nipped in briefly to see a rap artist Azealia Banks who whipped the crowd up into a frenzy, as did the crazy Japanese band Polysics. They were intriguing to watch, with their Devo-inspired outfits and heavy rock-inspired music, but ten minutes was enough for me! My favourite band were Foster the People who did an amazing set.

Artists are encouraged to express their vision of the Summer Sonic experience.

After doing a bit of crowd-surfing,  Canadian band Walk off the Earth did a version of Gotye's 'Somebody I used to know'. Five of them were playing one guitar.

The Cardigans did a good set and were very popular.

Japanese band Polysics wore Devo-inspired outfits involving boiler suits and silver space age glasses.

Foster the People were fab, with a heavy percussion influence. The crowd loved them!

Tears for Fears did all the classics. This was their first time back to Japan in 27 years!

New Order were the grand finale and also did a great set.

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