Saturday, 17 December 2011

Accenture Christmas Work Party

On friday night, Accenture had their annual christmas party at the ANA hotel in Akasaka. This was the first one I'd been to and I have to say, I wasn't quite prepared for the extent of it. The whole of the basement level was taken up and apparently 2,800 people came - out of the 5,000 employees! There was a massive array food, endlessly flowing drink and (rather strange) entertainment put on for us all - all compered by a man wearing a reindeer hat!

We had a Kabuki-style show put on - the costumes were amazing and I kept thinking they would make nice clutch bags.

 The compere was wearing a reindeer hat and took his job very seriously.

Neil and Richard enjoying a drink.

The food was good and there was an amazing array. We were tempted to go straight to the chocolate fountain and skip the main course......

The Accenture baseball team were asked to see how 
many people could jump a skipping rope at once......

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