Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Night Safari - Singapore

Before we went to Singapore we got lots of advice of things to do from friends who had lived there. A lot of people raved about the Night Safari, so we headed over there on sunday evening for the 7.30 opening time and lined up with everyone else to get on one of the organised trips. I have to say, it was very well organised and beautifully landscaped. Each animal is in an area without railings (there is a very large, deep trench between you and them) and only slightly lit, so that they don't get too disturbed. It was fab to be up close to the lions and tigers (and tapirs have become my new favourite animal - I never realised they were so big though!), but it is still essentially a zoo where animals are kept captive - something that doesn't quite sit well with me.....


  1. Ha! Just found your blog and do you realize that the pic you've used for the Night safari has me & Phil in the front of the tram? We are TEH MODELZ!!11!!

  2. I wish i could also be in these pic and enjoy the thrill of night safari.