Friday, 4 February 2011

Ski wednesday

On wednesday I went skiing for the day, as you do in Tokyo! I went with three lovely friends and we took the bullet train an hour and half out of Tokyo to a resort called Gala, where we were met by piles of snow and beautiful mountainous scenery.We came straight off the train and into the resort where we were able to rent gear and skis, and then straight onto the gondola that took us up to the main lifts. I was pretty nervous as this was only my second time skiing, but it went well and there were only a few tumbles on my way down.
I always love how the rental gear at ski resorts is designed to make you look as stupid as possible. My lovely ensemble was no exception and I spent the day looking like a I was channeling the garbage man/road sweeper look....... Note how everyone else looks v cool in their gear and I look like the "special" friend they've taken out for the day. Ho hum.......
The views were stunning - this was taken on one of the many coffee breaks we had.

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