Thursday, 25 February 2010

Kaiten sushi

I met up with Susan yesterday on a glorious sunny day and we headed to the National Art Centre to see a Renoir exhibition. His work is not usually my cup of tea and the gallery was heaving, full of old, pushy Japanese folk who felt the need to elbow to the front and peer closely at the paintings. Having said that, I'm really glad I went. His colours are amazing and a lot of the still lives were very inspiring. I may feel the need to get the paints out...

After that, we trotted round the corner to Tokyo Midtown where there are a host of restaurants to choose from. We decided on a kaiten sushi place - conveyor belt sushi. The food was great and I loved the fact that each place sitting had a bowl of green tea bags and a tap of hot water to fill yourself up whenever you needed it!

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